What is the correct position when sleeping?

Correct spine support and a healthy development for sleep!

80% of populations face up spine pains which can get worse due to incorrect position when sleeping.

A healthy position helps to correct maintenance of curves of spine, thus eliminating the risk on appearance of problems and spine disorders.

Here are the most frequent sleeping positions and their advantages and disadvantages:

Sleeping on spine, the first recommended position. When sleeping on spine we help the neck, spinal column and spine to keep a neutral position, because in this way no additional curve of body is formed.

This position also is ideal for combating the gastropod-esophageal re-flux.

Speaking about new born children, the sleeping on spine with belly up is the most indicated position for reducing the risk of sudden death. In the case your baby doesn’t want to sleep on spine you’ll need a lot of patience.

And, to make appeal to different possible tricksters for succeeding to put him/her to sleep in this position.

Advantages of sleeping on spine:

Maintains the spinal column in the natural position Helps to the minimization of re-flux of gastric acid Prevents the appearance of wrinkles, because the face skin has no contact with the pillow.

The breast is supported and it keeps its natural form as long as possible Who is not permitted to sleep on spine:
  • Pregnant women
  • Persons who snore
  • Persons with problems or disorders of inter-vertebral disk.

Sleeping on one side is the second recommended sleeping position. Sleeping on one side prevents the spine and neck pains, reduces the gastropod-esophageal re-flux, reduces the snore and it is ideal for pregnant women. For sleeping on one side it is necessary to have a mattress with a thick elastic layer (as would be memory foam band) which eliminate the pressure points of shoulders and hips.

No matter what is the position you sleep, please do not forget about the mattress.
A proper qualitative mattress will ensure the support of spinal column and a deep and refreshing sleep.

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