Many of our customers have a California King mattress, but don’t realize the difference between the California King mattress and other mattress sizes.

Let see what is the difference between a California King mattress and King size mattress?

California King Mattress vs King Mattress Pensacola

California King mattress size - 72 inch by 84 inch

King mattress size - 76 inch by 80 inch

King mattress comes wider

By these two mattress sizes we can see that the King mattress is wider 76 inches than the California King mattress 72 inches. You will have more space on a King mattress than a California King mattress.

California King mattress comes longer!

If the King mattress comes wider, the California King mattress is longer 84 inches VS 80 inches.

If you decided that you need a mattress that is longer, but narrower, California King mattress is your best option.

Why is it important to know these differences?

People don’t realize that the California King mattress is narrower than a King mattress. People think that the California King mattress is bigger than a King and is larger and longer.

What is the purpose of a California King mattress?

California King mattress is the best mattress option for taller people. The mattress comes longer in size and tall people feel more comfortable on this mattress.

Who will not benefit from a California King mattress?

People who like more space in their bed. You get a longer bed, but not a wider one. When you choose a California King mattress you have to think twice if this is the right size of bed for you and if you will feel comfortable enough on this mattress size.

Many customers are coming to our Pensacola mattress store and are asking if 2 Twin XL mattresses can be put together and make a California King mattress?

The size of one Twin XL mattress is 38 by 80 inches

If we put together 2 Twin XL mattresses 38 + 38 you get 76 inches. This is the size of a King mattress. So, basically you can form a King bed by having 2 Twin XL mattresses and not a California King mattress.

Do 2 Twin mattresses fit the California King mattresses?

If we are trying to form a California King bed from two Twin mattresses it will not work out. The twin mattresses come shorter and it will be difficult to fit the sheets.

If you have more questions about the California King mattress sizes, models, comfort and prices, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our Pensacola mattress store.