Metal Frames are created to make our experience with the bed easier and faster.

Metal frame is made from metal or wood and offers great support for your box spring and mattress. You have to place the box spring on top of the metal frame to create your best bed.

There are metal frames that have slats included. In this case it is not necessary to have a box spring.

You can put your mattress right on the metal frame. But, if you like your bed higher, the box spring will raise your bed.

Metal frames are usually bought together with the box spring and mattress. You can have your bed ready and sleep on it right away. Nothing complicated, without lots of screws and many people to help you carry it. The metal frames, nowadays, are set in no time.

Metal frame for mattress - Pensacola

Mattress sets that include the metal frame forms an entire bed.

The size of the mattress needs to match with the size of the metal frame. Metal frames come in the same size as the box spring and mattress. If you decided to go with the queen size bed, then you must match the queen size bed frame with queen size box spring and queen size metal frame.

Why you need a metal frame?

  • Complete bed
  • Good support
  • Cheaper in price than a platform bed
Metal frames come in different sizes:
  • Twin metal frame
  • Twin XL metal frame
  • Full metal frame
  • Queen metal frame
  • King metal frame
The adjustable metal frames are the one that we recommend, as it can be transformed into different bed sizes. It usually varies from twin to full metal frame.

And full, queen, king metal frame. There are metal frames that are not adjustable and come in one size. If you know that you are not going to use the metal frame in another room later, for a different size, then is best to buy the metal frame in one size Twin, Full, Queen or King.

Choose your bed size now and you can have it at home today. Sleep comfortable all night long with your dream bed.