Mattresses and Beds for kids, any kind of mattress for children!

crib, platform bed, bunk bed, toddler bed. All beds need a comfy mattress for a child.

When parents are researching for a mattress for their child’s room they should take into consideration a couple factors:

Mattresses for Children - Pensacola, Fl

Type of bed

If you already have a platform bed in your child’s room, than it is easier for you to start looking for a mattress. You already know the size of the bed you want. You just have to decide on the mattress model for children’s room.

Mattresses for children for beds and cribs with and out of box springs!

If the platform bed or metal frame you have is low profile, you should consider looking for a box spring.
The foundation will help your bed be a little higher and more convenient for your child to get in and out of the bed. But, it also depends on the age of your child. As if your child has a 1 year old and you think that you will use the foundation when she grows up, that is perfectly fine.

Mattress type

There are so many types of mattresses on the market, that sometimes it is difficult to choose the right one. If you decide to go with a foam mattress, pillow top or euro top mattress, you should know that the best mattress for kids are those that have a good support system.

Mattress firmness

As the kids get older you can consider a softer top mattress. But, when they are little they should get a firm mattress. Their body needs a good support for their spine alignment. The first thing you should consider when buying a mattress is a mattress firmness.

Mattress Price

The price of the mattress is important, especially if you have more than 1 child. If you are looking for mattresses for the bunk beds, you will definitely need a good deal on mattresses. Mattress stores usually have the best prices on mattresses for holidays. But, if you are intending to buy two or more mattresses, you can get another discount at check out, unless the products are on mattress clearance.


Your child’s bed has to be comfortable. You want your child to sleep well all night long. Sleep is important for all kids, as it helps their brain to develop and is easier for them to focus on things during the day.


Your child’s mattress has to be not only comfortable, but also durable in time. Kids like to play on their bed, jump on the bed, eat their snack in bed, color in bed and have many other activities on their bed. The mattress you choose in your child’s room has to be durable in time, as if the quality of the mattress is low, it won’t last long.

Mattress size

The size of the mattress depends on the space you have on the child’s bedroom. If you are transitioning your child from the crib, then the Twin size mattress is the best mattress size for children. When your child is older, you can choose a Full size mattress. The Queen size mattress is also an option if you have enough space in your child’s room.

Sleep is one of the main priorities in children and a good mattress can help them relax and sleep tight.You can even go mattress shopping with your child if he is a little bigger and see what are his mattress preferences. But, just important to keep in mind that too soft mattresses are not recommended for young children. They need a firmer mattress for their body, to have a correct spine alignment. As kids are still in the process of growing and their body develops, they need a mattress with good support layers.