The term of a hybrid mattress is well known and very popular lately. Customers ask if we have hybrid mattresses in stock and that they are interested in buying only hybrid mattresses.

What is a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattress is made of two different layers. These layers can be made of different materials and density. One layer is the one that forms the mattress support and the other layer creates the mattress comfort layer. It can be a combination of any two mattress layers.

The most used hybrid mattress layers are:

Support layer - innerspring
Comfort layer - foam, gel memory foam, latex

Hybrid Mattress Pensacola Fl

You can choose the best hybrid mattress for you sleep.

There is no best combination of layers, it all depends how you feel on the mattress you sleep.

Test the hybrid mattress and see which one you like the most.

Our customers love our hybrid mattress that is a combination of individually wrapped coils and gel memory foam on top of the support layer. The comfort of the padding makes your body relax.

The memory foam layer adjusts to your body and makes you fall asleep right away. The gel memory foam helps your body with heat. You will not feel too hot, when you have a gel memory foam mattress.

Hybrid Technology Mattress Pensacola

What mattresses can not be called hybrid mattresses?

Those that have only one layer. When you buy a foam mattress, that means that the mattress has foam in it as support layer and as a comfort layer. This type of mattress can not be called a hybrid mattress.

If you decided to go with the hybrid mattress, come test our mattresses in our Pensacola store!