People who have RV, camper or trailer want to sleep away from home like in their bedroom.


It can be real to sleep easy and happy in your RV.

Just need to find that perfect mattress match for your RV sleep.


RV Mattress - How can a RV mattress be - Pensacola, Florida


How to choose an RV mattress?

  • Measure the length of your bed
  • Check the thickness of the RV mattress
  • Test the RV mattress in your size
  • Take time to order your special size
How thick can an RV mattress be?
The thickness of the RV mattress depends on the bed frame you have.
Usually, the RV Mattress is 5 or 6 inch tall.
If you have a regular RV bed, you can go with any mattress model and thickness you want.
Our mattress store offers different mattress models.
We have some RV special sizes in stock and others that can be ordered.