Queen pillow top mattress - First Mattress Choice in Pensacola

Queen pillow top mattresses are comfy mattresses that's why it is First Mattress Choice in Pensacola.

The top layer of this mattress is like a pillow that sits on top of the mattress.


This pillow can not be removed. But it offers a special sleep experience. It feels soft and comfy.


The pillow top mattress has extra padding in the quilt layer.

Queen pillow top mattress sale


This layer can be made of different materials - foam, memory foam, gel, latex. It all depends on the customer’s preferences.


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Customers like queen pillow top mattresses for many reasons.


  • Suitable for most sleepers
  • Enough support
  • Affordable
  • Quality materials
  • Pain relief


The best feature of a pillow top mattress is that it is suitable for all sleepers, including the side sleepers.


This queen model offers good support and offers pain relief.


Customers who tried queen pillow top mattresses want to sleep only on this kind of model. Comfortable sleep all night long with a soft top, good support layer of innerspring and pain relief.


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