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Pillow Top Hybrid 10 Inch (Queen Size)

SKU: 101

The innerspring mattress gives you the best support for your body to feel pressure relief.

It’s made of innerspring and foam layer.

This is a good combination, as the innerspring provides support and the foam gives you the desired comfort during the night.

It also limits the motion disturbance, so you can enjoy a long rest, when sleeping with your partner.

The breathable fabric it’s a great feature as it helps you feel cooler during the night.

And the quilted comfort foam makes you feel cozy during tour sleep.

The mattress has a good conduction and air flow to draw heat away from your body.

  • Unique design for every body
  • Hight Quality comfort all night long
  • Ideal temperature while sleeping
  • Certified foam and textiles
  • Innerspring Coils
  • Pillow Top Hybrid Foam
  • Back support

Mattress Features:

Mattress Type: Innerspring Coils, Hybrid Foam
Mattress Cover: Pillow Top
Thickness: 10 Inch

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