Mattress with memory foam in Pensacola
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  • Mattress with memory foam in Pensacola
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Mattress cooling system using the latest technology: SERENE FOAM for perfect climate control.

Cooling, heating or sweat drying - Liberty America adjusts your mattress temperature!


It is made of serene foam, which is a innovation in the mattress world.

And we want our customers to have the option to feel the great features of the Serene foam.

The best benefits of the serene foam from the Liberty America memory foam mattress is that the mattress has many microscopic air capsules.

The mattress breathe and the air go through the mattress.


Liberty America Memory Foam mattress is a memory foam mattress that can make you sleep better.


With this mattress you are not going to feel any pressure in your joints and motion transfer. If you sleep with your partner, you won’t feel when he is moving around in the bed.


This mattress is not temperature sensitive!

This is due to the many air capsules that are present in the mattress and allow the warm air to escape and fresh air to come in.


Liberty America Memory Foam Mattress Layers:

  • Build

Natural Cotton

  • Quilt Fill

Natural Cotton FR Fiber barrier

  • Air Flow Foam

Serene Comfort Quilt

  • Support Layer


  • Top Layer

2 Comfort Layer

  • Bottom mattress layer


  • Adjustable Base

Adjustable friendly


Liberty America Memory Foam Features Mattress:

Surface - this mattress is medium firm and offers comfortable night sleep.

Sere foam - No motion transfer, no temperature sensitive. Offers pressure relief for your body.


Liberty America Memory Foam Specification:


Support Core - Foam Core

Comfort Level - Medium Firm

Mattress Height - 8 inch

Mattress Quilt - Serene Comfort Quilt



5 Years Prorated

1 Year Full


Note: The warranty is valid only if you buy the mattress together with the box spring


Box Spring

Can be bought together with the box spring or separately