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Mattress protector - Fluid-Proof Technology (Twin)

SKU: 115

Soft Terry Top Mattress Protector available in Pensacola Mattress store!

Antimicrobial + Hypoallergenic technology! Certified & Laboratory tested and guaranteed bed bug protection.

Hypoallergenic protection from irritants, dust mites, mold + bacteria!


Mattress Protector Featuring Breathe-a-Barrier® Fluid-Proof Technology

• Impermeable yet Breathable Waterproof Barrier
• Proven Dust Mite & Allergen Protection
• Protects Against Stains & Liquid Damage
• Luxurious Feel
• Easy Care, Machine Washable
• Fits Mattresses up to 20” Deep
• 10 Year Warranty

10 years Mattress protector warranty!