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  • Mattress Firm Harlow Pensacola
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The Harlow Mattress Series, is available now in our mattress store in Pensacola!

Carries heat away from the body and provides support and pressure relief.

This model is mostly bought by customers who said they slept on a softer surface and they don’t feel comfortable.

And most customers that felt discomfort on a plush mattress, also encountered back pain. The only mattress they will accept is the firm mattress.

The Harlow firm series will make your body relax even if the surface is firmer. The mattress is made from cotton and gel in the quilt.

The gel gives this mattress a special feature - cooling technology.

You will not feel hot during the night sleep. And the support layer is made from individually wrapped coils, which makes this mattress hold up.


Mattress Specification:

Support Core


789 Individually Wrapped Coils in the Queen mattress

Comfort Level


Mattress Height


Mattress Quilt



10 Years Non Prorated

Note: The warranty is valid only if you buy the mattress together with the box spring

Adjustable Base

This model is adjustable friendly

Box Spring

Can be bought together with the box spring 

Mattress Layers:


Top and Jump Quilting

Quilt Fill

Natural Cotton FR Fiber barrier

Gel Quilt

Comfort Quilt

Support Layer

789 Quantum Edge Individually Wrapped Coils

Top Layer

2 Convoluted Firm Layer

Insulated Pad

Bottom mattress layer

2 Support Layers