Pillow Top Mattress - Pensacola, Fl
  • Pillow top Pensacola Fl
  • Pillow Top Mattress - Pensacola, Fl

Catskill Pillow Top Mattress (Twin)

SKU: 110

The Pillow top Catskill Mattress is a budget friendly mattress, comfortable and qualitative!

The mattress Catskill Pillow Top 9 inch has a 504 coil count

Spectrum™ Innerspring to provide a medium support of traditional innerspring mattresses.


Mattress Firmness - Pensacola, Fl


Spectrum™ Coils in the mattress

Spectrum Coils are soft on the surface and firm up as weight is applied for improved comfort balance.

Catskill Pillow Top 9 inch Features:

  • Support Core: Innerspring
  • Comfort Level: Medium-Soft
  • Surface Type: Pillow Top


Catskill Pillow Top Mattress Components:

      Spectrum Innerspring with a Plush or Pillow Top option

Mattress Specifications:


        Required to maintain warranty


        Max allowable body impression: 2.0"

Overall Build

        Mattress Thickness: 9"