Get rid of Bed Bugs in Pensacola, Florida

Everybody heard about bed bugs and the bad experience that people encounter when dealing with them. Nobody wants bed bugs in their house, especially in their bedroom. As, on the bed you sleep, you need rest and a calming atmosphere.

What is a bed bug in your mattress?

Bed bugs are insects that usually, at night, feed on the blood of a human.

  • From where can you get the bed bugs?
  • Old furniture
  • Old mattress
  • Travel
  • Hotel
  • Friend house

How to avoid bed bugs?

Difficult to say how to avoid bed bugs. Many people were thinking that bed bugs can occur only in houses which are very dirty. Well, that is not the case. Houses that always keep clean have bed bugs. No matter how clean your house is, you still get bed bugs.


Important: Try to sleep at home if you have bed bugs. Going to somebody else's house can expose your friends to bed bugs.

People think that bed bugs can be found only in old mattresses. You can find it in old furniture, as well. They like to hide in little spots, and furniture, mattress, couch are the most infested places. If you want to start looking for bed bugs, you can start with your bedroom first.

Your mattress and your bed are the most affected in your house. Bed bugs like to hide in there and when you fall asleep, they come in and eat.

What are the most common symptoms of bed bugs?

  • Rashes
  • Itchy skin
  • Discomfort
  • Sleepless nights
  • Stress

Not all the people feel itchy skin and rashes after a bed bug bite. Our body reacts differently to bed bugs. Some can get irritated and feel them all over their body, while others won’t even know they have bed bugs.

Old Furniture and Mattresses have bed bugs

It is recommended that you buy a new bed and mattress for your bedroom. As, the chance that an old mattress might have a bed bug is huge. Some people say that they never had problems with the bed bug and are not really concerned about them biting. So, if this is the case, you can definitely try your luck and go with an old bed and mattress.

How to get rid of the bed bugs?

Steam your luggage
If you got them from your travel, you need to disinfect your luggage. Is bests to bring your luggage, not only to be cleaned, but also to be steamed, so all the bed bugs disappear for good. When you come home, try not to put your luggage on the bed.

Call for professional help
Chemical control from a licensed company, with experience will help you get rid of the bed bugs.

Thyme oil
Is said that thyme oil will help you get rid of the bed bugs. They don’t like the smell of the thyme oil, but they will not go away from your bed because of the thyme oil.

Heat kills the bed bugs
Consider having heat in your house. Don’t turn the heat off, if it got a little warmer outside. You need a consistent warm temperature to kill the bugs. The heat has to be near the bed and mattress to be able to kill them. But, you have to be careful not to damage the furniture to much heat.

Don’t buy a new mattress right away
Buying a new mattress at this time will not solve the problem. You have to get rid of the bed bugs and then buy a new mattress.

Don’t throw your furniture
Getting rid of your furniture that has bed bugs, might get your neighbors or the people who pick it up infested, as well. Try to break the furniture so nobody can pick it up, if you leave it on the porch for pick up. Or, just put a sign that the furniture had bugs.

It takes some effort to get rid of the bed bugs from your furniture, mattress and your sofa, but is not impossible.

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