Mattress for kids - Pensacola, Fl

  • Measure your room
  • Decide on the bed size
  • Leave extra furniture space
  • Decide on the mattress model

Kids beds especially kids mattress need a special approach.

If your child is still little, you might want to think of that special bed that will make him or her happy.

Maybe, a lightning McQueen car bed or a special cozy princess bed.



Involve your kid in the mattress shopping

If your kid is bigger, he will definitely tell you what he wants and needs.

Kids mattress style and mattress color

Kids usually are not very picky on the mattress color. But, if they have the big kids mattress selection with different colors, they will definitely choose something more colorful.

Mattress design for kids bed

Kids mattress design is also something they might pay attention to. Mattresses come in different designs on top of the mattress pad. We had cases where some parents bought a different mattress, because of the mattress design for their boy.

Firm mattress - Kids mattress firmness

The kids mattress should be a firm mattress. The reason for a firm mattress for kids is that they are still little and their body is still growing. Their spine needs a good support for their entire body.

Foam mattress for kids

Many parents like foam mattresses for kids, as they are firmer and more supportive.

Innerspring mattress for kids

Innerspring mattresses are a good choice for your kids mattress. Is healthy, as the individually wrapped coils gives your mattress air flow.

Pillow top mattress for kids

Pillow top mattress for kids is also bought a lot. The top is medium firm, but at the same time very comfortable. The kids enjoy this type of mattress. The supportive layer can be made from innerspring or polyurethane foam.

With little kids you have to make your research and choose the mattress for them, as they are good with your mattress decision. A mattress for the crib, for your bunk bed or any other platform bed for your child.