Is difficult to keep your mattress clean all the time.

Even if you have sheets on your mattress this does not keep the mattress clean.

As the sheets can get dirty, so the mattress.


With kids the brand new mattress is getting soiled real quick.

From dirt, pee, juice and many other toys that the kids play with.


How to avoid a dirty mattress while you sleep?

How to avoid a dirty mattress while you sleep in Pensacola


Mattress protector

This is the easiest solution to keep your mattress clean and neat.

The mattress protector is being put on top of the mattress. 


The mattress protector has many features that will keep the mattress clean and away from different bacterias.


Mattress protector features:


  • Waterproof

  • Antimicrobial

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Fluid protect technology

  • Bed bug protection

  • Machine washable


The mattress protector also gives protection from irritants, dust mites, mold and bacteria.

Protectors for any kind of mattresses in Pensacola

Mattress encasement

So many people confuse the mattress protector with the mattress encasement. The difference between these two is that the mattress encasement has a zipper and you can put the whole mattress inside.

Zip the mattress and sleep tight and no worries. Your mattress will stay clean and safe from bugs and allergens.

The mattress encasement has 360 secure zip with bed bugs banisher. It features a barrier fluid proof technology.


Find mattress protectors, encasements, sheet sets, blankets, pillows at our mattress store in Pensacola.

The mattress protector and encasement will help you avoid a dirty mattress and expand the longevity of the mattress.