Are you looking to get brand new furniture and a mattress into your bedroom?

Decided you want to go with a full size bed frame and mattress.

But still confused about the full and double size?

Let’s see what are the differences between full and double size.


  • Is full size the same as double?

A lot of people still call the full size mattress a double mattress. The name of a double mattress comes from history. Long ago, around the 19th century, there were only two mattress sizes.

Single mattresses that were known as mattresses for one person. And, double mattresses for two people.

Full size mattress is double size mattress?

Single mattresses have the size of a twin mattress.

Double mattresses meaning comes from the fact that it is twice as big as a twin size mattress. Is double as it can sleep two people. Double mattresses have the size of a full size mattress.

You can call it a full or double size mattress, it still has the same size. Go with the one that you like most.


After a while the manufacturer introduced the queen and king size mattresses. That is how the name of the double mattress came to a full size mattress.

As there were more than two mattress sizes. Twin, Full or Double, Queen and King size mattress sizes.


  • What is the size of a full or double size mattress?


The size of a full or double size mattress is 54”x 75”


The full size bed is the best option for your bedroom if you are looking to save some money and space into your bedroom.

This size can sleep two people and you can put more furniture around your bed, if you don’t have a big room. Keep in mind that this size is good for two people, but not perfect. You will not have a lot of space left in your bed. And you will be closer to your partner.

The double size bed is more for one person, rather than two.

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