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Box spring sale in Pensacola, Florida - Sale

Box springs come in different sizes and they match the size of your mattress.

Box springs sale in Pensacola, Florida for all the box spring sizes.


  • Twin box spring

  • Twin XL box spring

  • Full box spring

  • Full XL box spring

  • Queen box spring

  • Queen XL box spring

  • King box spring

  • Cal King box spring


Box springs are part of a mattress set. It can be bought together with a mattress or separately.

It is recommended to buy a new box spring with a brand new mattress.

Sale - Box spring foundation - Pensacola, Florida

The reason is that some brands require the box spring to be bought together with the mattress to validate the warranty.

Having a broken and old box spring might damage your brand new mattress.


Your brand new mattress needs good support to last longer. The mattress longevity depends on the foundation that it has underneath it. 


Regular box springs come in around 7- 9 inches high. There are low profile box springs and bunkie boards that are not so high. 

Bunkie boards sale

Bunkie boards are an option as a support for the mattress. Bunkie boards are mostly used for twin and full size beds. They are 2 inches high and work well for kids beds in twin and full. Although they come in queen sizes too, not too many customers want to go with a bunkie board for their bed. As they want more support for their adult beds. Bunkie boards are on sale at our mattress and furniture store in Pensacola, Florida.


Low profile box springs sale

Low profile box springs come in around 4-5 inches tall. When you don't want your bed to sit up high, a low profile box spring is a great option for your bedroom bed. Thinking of going with a low profile box spring for your mattress set, stop by our store and get it on sale on the same day.

Twin box spring sale

Twin box springs will match with a twin mattress and metal frame for the kids room. Most parents buy bunk beds for kids. The bunk beds do not require the box spring. You can put the mattress directly on top of the bunk beds. Bunkie boards are mostly used for kids beds as a foundation for the mattress.


Twin XL box spring sale

Twin XL box springs are the preference of taller kids or people who want to sleep on a smaller bed. Twin XL is a longer version of a twin box spring. It comes a little longer and can be bought together with a twin xl mattress.


Full box spring sale

Full box springs are also mostly used for kids rooms or smaller rooms. Bunkie birds, low profile or regular box springs go well for a full mattress support.


Full XL box spring sale

Full XL box springs can be found at our mattress store in Pensacola. We had some customers who requested the full xl box springs and mattresses. They do not have a lot of space in the room and the regular full size mattress and box spring is too small for them. Full xl is longer than a full size box spring and adults feel more comfortable having a little extra space.


Queen size box spring sale

Queen box springs are bought in regular 9 inches and low profile ones in 5 inches height. Queen box springs go with a queen bed frame and mattress for your beautiful bedroom set. 


Queen XL box spring sale

Queen xl box spring is longer than queen box spring. People who are taller and want a little extra space like to go with a queen xl mattress and box spring. Not so many customers are looking for this size, as it is harder to match it with the bed frame.


King size box spring sale

King size box spring is made of 2 twin xl box springs. Also often bought in both regular and low profile. King box springs are a little more expensive than any other box springs, as they are the biggest in size. 


Find box spring sizes on sale in Pensacola, Florida at our mattress and furniture store.

Get the box spring together as a set with a bed frame and mattress.


Or just buy the box spring on sale and enjoy a great mattress support.