How to know if your bed needs a box spring?

Depending on the support you have for your mattress. Let’s see a couple combinations of the beds, box springs and mattresses.


Does your bed need a box spring?


Metal frame + box spring + mattress


If you decide you want a metal frame for your bottom support, you will definitely need a box spring on top of the metal frame. The mattress on top of the box spring will look nice and comfy.


Sleigh bed + box spring + mattress


Sleigh bed is a special design bed that requires a box spring. The bed has a couple wood slats, but these slats do not provide enough support for the mattress. You can put the mattress on top of the box spring.


Upholstered bed + box spring + mattress


Upholstered beds also need a box spring on top of the rails. If you put the mattress on top of the rails it will break the mattress.


Platform bed + mattress


Platform beds do not require a box spring. These types of beds have many slats and legs. Your mattress will have enough support on these slats. You can put your mattress on top of the platform bed. You will sleep comfortably all night long.

Types of box springs:

Types of box springs: Metal, Wood, Low - high profile


Regular Box spring  - 8 and 9 inch 


Low profile box spring - 5 inch


What is the box spring made of?


Box springs are made from wood or metal support. Inside they can be filled with wood slats, metal coils or grids. On top all types of the box springs are covered in material.

Important - Which side of the box springs needs to be up?


Important - Which side of the box springs needs to be up?


So many customers get confused on how to place the box spring on top of their bed. A lot of people put the box spring with the wrong size on top. 


How to know what is the right way to place your box spring?

The box springs are made from wood or wire and they are covered in material. Both sides of the box spring are covered in material. The tricky thing is which side comes up and which one comes down. When you do that the mattress does not have enough support and you sink in the mattress. The side of the mattress that has a thicker material and more slats needs to be up. Customers often put the box springs with the thinner part up and that way you get a hole into your mattress.

Box springs comes in many sizes:


  • Twin box springs
  • Twin XL box springs
  • Full box springs
  • Queen box springs
  • King box springs
  • California King box springs


You choose the box spring when you decide with what size of the bed you want to go into your bedroom. You can go shopping for a combo bed frame, box spring and mattress to have a complete set. Your bedroom bed will look nice depending on the style of the bed you choose. The box spring sits underneath the mattress and you don’t really see it. But, the box springs give important support to your mattress. Your box mattress life will last longer if you have a box spring underneath it. The box spring protects the mattress.


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