Getting a good night sleep on a comfy mattress is not an easy task.

Is even harder if you are thinking of getting a king size mattress.

You share your king size bed with your partner, kids and pets.

That is a big responsibility, to choose the best king size mattress for everyone.

How to get the best king size mattress?


How to make sure you get the best king size mattress?


Test your New King size mattress

Visit a locally owned mattress store in Pensacola and test your king size bed.

Make sure you lie down for at least 10 - 15 minutes to feel the comfort of the mattress you liked most.

Testing your king mattress will help you make a decision easier. 

King mattress firmness level

Decide the firmness level of your mattress. Many customers are not sure about the mattress firmness. Soft, medium soft, firm, very firm. Every person has its own perception of a firm and soft mattress. That is why testing a king size mattress is the best decision to see if a certain model is best for you.


King mattress warranty

When buying a king size mattress you want it to last longer. Warranty makes a difference when you want to buy a mattress for your family that will serve you for a couple years. Ask the seller what the warranty of the mattress is. It can be from a couple months to a couple years. 


The best king size mattress for each person is different.

Depending on their preferences and sleeping comfort. Get your best king size mattress from our mattress store toady and sleep like never before.