The history of Pocket Coils

The history of Pocket Coils

The individually wrapped pocketed spring coil mattress history.

He was a machinist and engineer that lived in Canada. The pocket coils were also known by his name as Marshall Coils. He created his company Marshall Mattress Company in Toronto, Canada. He patented pocket coils in Canada, United State and United Kingdom. The pocket coils became the worldwide standard for mattress construction and upholstery seating.

Marshall created a mattress system where internal independent springs would provide both support and comfort in the mattress.

Marshall Coils are also known as wrapped, encased coils or pocket springs coils.

The coils are individually encased in fabric pockets, pre-compressed, each sewn inside an individual fabric pocket.

It provides uplifting support on its own. It makes the mattress firmer and allows for motion separation between the sides of the bed.

The weight on one spring doesn’t affect your partner’s weight.

The invention of Marshall Pocket Coil Springs changed the mattress market worldwide and it was used in the finest quality bedding.

Even today this type of mattress is considered to be a luxury mattress.

Consumers prefer to buy pocket spring mattresses as it contours to the body and it doesn’t transfer motion.

Even Royal family families chose to sleep on pocket spring mattresses.